There are a number of Education Department Publications available for purchase through the UAW Purchase and Supply Department (313-926-5221) at a nominal fee.

The following video titles are available through the UAW Purchase and Supply Department for a nominal fee:
· Detroit: The Making of a Union Town
· This Union Cause
· Solidarity
· The Inheritance
· The Great Sitdown
· Duty of Fair Representation
· Tommy Roberts tape
· Mouseland
· An Inside Look At Collective Bargaining
· Arbitration: The Truth of the Matter
· Arbitration: The Seven Tests of Just Cause
· All Things Considered: The Case of the Militant Shop Steward
· UAW Sing-A-Longs
· With Babies and Banners
· Free the Children
· Words from A True Friend
· Organize the Unorganized
· The Good Fight
· From rags To Riches
· Walter

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