March 15, 2019

Report on the 2019 UAW Special Bargaining Convention, March 11 – 13, Detroit

By Region 8 Assistant Director Tim Smith

On the first day of the 2019 UAW Special Bargaining Convention, UAW President Gary Jones announced that the International Executive Board (IEB) is raising strike pay from $200 per week to $250 per week effective this month; it will increase to $275 per week January 2020. “You know that we provide health insurance to workers and their families during strikes but raising the strike pay is an important signal – our members need to know that the IEB has their backs”, President Jones said.

On day three of the convention, the delegates heard a rousing speech by President Jones, where he promised the delegates that our union will remain true to its history and legacy in protecting their interests and advancing their concerns, because WE ARE ONE! WE ARE ONE!

The convention ended on Wednesday with chants of “We are One!” as UAW members set their union’s bargaining priorities for the next four years by overwhelmingly adopting a comprehensive resolution.

A big shout-out to the following members from Region 8:

Sherry Creps/LU 1853, Timekeeper

Amanda Goins/LU 862, Timekeeper

Jon Jagger/LU 862 Sub 2, 2019 Ford Negotiating Team

Vera Newton/LU 862, Rules Committee

Tammy Wiser/LU 868 Sub 7, 2019 FCA National Negotiating Team

Mark Wunderlin/LU 1853, International Trustee

Region 8 was well-represented at the convention with 69 attendees/delegates. Thanks to all of the staff and clerical for making the convention a success.









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