November 9, 2019

UAW Veterans Serving Proudly

Good evening Brothers,

 Attached is a few pictures of me when I was serving in Iraq in 2005. My Local 2069 veterans committee sent me the flag so I could take a picture with it there. We were stationed in a bad part of Iraq named Hawijah, Iraq. These are some of the guys I served with. They are from Montana National Guard Infantry unit. I was put in with them because I was considered a "filler". I was called back to duty after serving my 6 years enlistment duty. They sent me a western union letter telling me to report to active duty! I'm proud to have served and remember the brothers and sister that served with me that didn't make it home. Just wanted to share this with you all because I was able to take pictures with the UAW Veterans Flag. Happy Veterans Day on Monday! I am proud of my local that we have Veterans day as a paid holiday! Take care and God Bless!

       In Solidarity,
       Matt Blondino
       Local 2069 President
       Volvo Trucks, Dublin, VA








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