April 18, 2019

Director’s Easter Message

This weekend we will once again be celebrating the Easter Season. All across the region locals are celebrating with Easter egg hunts and spring time activities for families for at the end of the day families are what we are about. It is America’s working class families that bind labor together, tolling to improve the lives of the workers that make America roll.

There are those who call labor a “special interest group” and they are absolutely right- our interest is America’s working class families. Only labor represents the working class and sees to their interest. The wealthy have their bought and paid for politicians, their lobbyist and the legal staffs to make sure they get every break. A working class family needs someone looking out for them as well.

In addition to the work we do at the bargaining table and the halls of government, the UAW believes in bringing families together. Local unions hold events for their members and their families at points throughout the year. These activities allow our members to grow as a unit which at the end of the day is what Solidarity is all about. As our solidarity grows, we stand united so the collective efforts of the many benefit all.

Easter is a good time to think on the importance of standing together for the good of all. While we talk of Easter Bunnies and candy eggs, this isn’t what Easter is about. Those of us in the Christian faith pause to remember the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior. Regardless of you expression of faith, it is always good to recommit yourself to the idea of a new beginning and hopes for a better tomorrow. Lately we have had plenty of reason to be discouraged with things going on in our country and the world. However, we stand for the right things we will triumph.

I encourage every Region 8 member to use this Easter to commit to coming together in Solidarity for this union, this country and the world. May we work for the rights of all workers; work for the advancement of public education; work for access to health care; work to build an economy that works for all Americans not just a few at the top of the scale; and work to bring peace and harmony to our world.

If a simple carpenter can change the world with a message of love and hope, then anything is possible. It is my wish that this Easter you have a chance to hold your loved ones dear and carry that carpenter’s message of love, charity and hope.

In Solidarity,

Mitchell Smith Region 8 Director








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