UAW Local 8868 Members Playing in Jai-Alai Championship

Members of Local 8868 of Miami, Florida are playing in the Jai-Alai US Championship today in Miami, Florida. Jai-Alai is a game similar to hand ball played on an indoor court. The game is played by bouncing a ball off the enclosed court and fielded using a hand held wicker device called a cesta. The ball is called a Pelota (pee•low•tuh) and the arena in which they play is called a Fronton. Jai-Alai has been called  The Fastest Sport in the World with the Pelota traveling at speeds up to 188mph.

The game is popular in Latin American countries. Local 8868 members work for “The Casino at Dania Beach" in Dania Beach, Fl as well as "Casino Miami" in Miami, Fl.

To watch the tournament live click here.








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