June 23, 2020

Florida Sun Coast UAW Retiree update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I hope you are all doing fine, as we continue to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is the latest information from our council:

* All meetings have been canceled until September 9, 2020. That will be updated later     this summer, but until a vaccine is found, we will not be holding any membership meetings.   Unfortunately this may include our annual Christmas Party.

* The Drop-In Center is currently closed. We are trying to get it reopened for phone business only (no walkins). I will notify you when this happens. The International Union is being very cautious in re-opening, to protect our member’s health.

Vote By Mail

I know many of you have voted by mail for years. I am encouraging all of you to do it this year. None of us have ever voted during a pandemic before. With the way the numbers continue to rise in Florida, we have no assurance that it will be safe to vote in person by the August 18th (primary), or the November 3rd (general) election. We have seen recent elections held across the country where voters had to stand in line for several hours, and risk their health, to vote. Most of us are in the age bracket that puts us at risk, and many of us have underlying conditions, that make us even more vulnerable.

Is voting by mail reliable? Consider this:

* Most states allow some form of vote by mail.

* To receive a ballot in the mail, you have to be a registered voter, eliminating fraud.

* You are voting on a paper ballot, allowing for accountability.

* You can track your ballot to make sure it's counted, by calling the Supervisor of Elections

* You do not have to risk your life to vote!

I have listed the Supervisor of Elections phone numbers, by county, to obtain mail ballots:

Hillsborough 813-744-5900

Pinellas        727-464-8683

Pasco           800-851-8754

Hernando     352-754-4125

Manatee       941-741 3820

Please call to check your voter registration, and request a mail ballot. 

Linda's Tips by Linda Snover

Got time on your hands?  Don't know what to do right now with limited ideas to draw from?

Have you checked on your property deed since January 1, 2020 to make sure no one has done anything to take your name off?  Now would be a good time to make sure you still own your property, and nothing has been done to change anything.

This can be accomplished on your computer by searching the Property Appraisers Office in the county which you live

Linda may be contacted at lndhwkns@aol.com if you need help with this.

Stay Safe

I want to remind you to stay safe! This horrible pandemic is not over. In a rush to get the economy open again, the President, and the Florida Governor have down played the seriousness of this virus. They have put business ahead of human life. This all comes with great peril to seniors like us! This is not like the flu, as they claim. It is important that you avoid unnecessary contact at this time. Wearing masks will save lives. Things are not back to normal! We have seen a dramatic rise in Covid cases in many Sunbelt states where governors have reopened too early. On the other hand we see states like New York, and Michigan doing quite well, after following strict guidelines.

The bottom line is this: With age comes wisdom! Our UAW Retirees are wise enough to Stay Safe! We will get through this. We are UAW Strong!

In Solidarity,

Ray Davis, Chairman, Florida Sun Council UAW Retirees

Important Numbers:

Fidelity:GM 800-489-4646,
ACS:Ford 800-248-4444
Benefits Connect Chrysler 888-409-3300

Retiree Health Care Connect: 866-637-7555

Aetna: 800-663-0885, Blue Cross: Traditional 877-832-2829, MA PPO 888-322-5616

Express Scripts: 866-662-0274

TruHearing: 844-394-5420

Dental Dental: 800-524-0149

Davis Vision: 888-234-5164

UAW Legal Services: 800-482-7700

Social Security: 800-772-1213



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