Local 2164 Sip and Paint Fund Raiser                             

Local 2164 Civil & Human Rights committee hosted their 2nd annual Sip & Paint event along with the Union Label committee Saturday, June 12, 2021. Our max seating for the event was 50 seats and we were fortunate to sell 44 tickets. All supplies, door prizes and dinner included. Due to the mandate of Covid-19 last year we were unable to host our event. This event came to mind to give our members (active & retirees) something different to do as well as giving them therapy. Using art as a medium for healing promotes self-exploration, understanding, self-esteem, and awareness.  It is a way for a person to improve their mental, emotional, and physical states, as well as their overall health. You don’t need to be a talented artist to engage in art therapy or to enjoy its benefits.  The goal is not to create a masterpiece but to express yourself freely. The artistic results are secondary to the emotional benefits.  We continued with our fantastic instructor again this year BG Sip N Paint by Christi who offers step by step instructions. All that attended had a wonderful night and we thank you all for your support.




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