Local 3057 Turns Back Company Backed Decertification Effort in Scottsville, Texas

Local 3057 won a solid victory today in their struggle against Prysmian Group in Scottsville, Texas. Today the workers there turned by a decertification vote that had been pushed by the company. Out of 264 votes cast, only 66 voted to recertify the union. “This is a huge win for our members at Local 3057” stated Region 8 Assistant Director Tim Smith. “I want to thank all the organizers who assisted with this effort on the ground there. This membership sent a solid message to this company they will not be intimidated and are standing strong.”

Local 3057 members have been on strike since March 26, when the membership voted down a contract offered by the new owners. The plant manufactures cables for power lines and telecommunication applications. Two years ago the plant was purchased by Italian based Prysmian Group who pushed changes to work rules that would negatively impact the workers and their safety in the plant.

“We still have a fight on our hands with the contract,” Assistant Director Smith adds,” but today we showed this company they simply shove these workers aside. This local union survived this coup attempt by this company and we are still standing strong and determined to last one day longer.”






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