May 03, 2021

Local 3057 Strike Continues

Lester Tillman (adult) and Ray Tillman (child) standing strong on day 36.
Region 8 Director Mitchell Smith joins striking Local 3057 members on the picket line.
Youtube Video of the Strike
Local 276 of Arlington, Texas sent a bus full of their members to support the members of Local 3057. Today there were 300 people on the picket line.
Standing strong on Day 10.
Local 276 Chair Kenny Hines and President Michael Cartwright join Local 3057 President Chris Hodge and Chairman Earl Roberts on the picket line.
Texas State CAP Chair (blue shirt) speaks to Local 3057 members.

Local 267 members from Arlington come out to support Local 3057 members on strike.

Local 3057 Strike Continues
Brandon,Jerry, LaRoyce, Quincy, Carlos and Glenn representing on the Picket Line.





Local 3057 in Scottsville, Texas went on strike March 27, 2021 against General Cable. Keep these members in your thoughts and prayers as they fight for their contract.

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