Local 5285 Member Phillipe Coley Joins Community
Relief Efforts During Pandemic

During the current COVID 19 pandemic, many UAW members have jumped in to help in relief efforts. From making ventilators and PPP, working the front lines as health care workers, to helping others- UAW members have done what they could to make a difference in their communities, their state and the nation.

Local 5285 member Phillipe Coley, in Mt. Holley, North Carolina, serves his country in the National Guard. Recently is unit has been mobilized to assist in relief efforts in his community. “We are really proud of Phillipe and his work to help others,” states Local 5282 President/Chairman Billy Rose.

Phillipe was recently featured in a video produced by the North Carolina National Guard. Attached is the video featuring Phillipe Coley. Thanks to all the UAW Region 8 members who are working to make a difference during this difficult time.







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