April 27, 2021
We Remember Region 8 Member On This Worker Memorial Day

One Region 8 member lost their life in a workplace incident since the last Workers Memorial Day.

Michael Curcio
June 17, 2020

Age: 58 Local 3063, Region 8 Maintenance Technician Metalsa Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Brother Curcio was killed while performing a service and maintenance task on an automated welding line used to construct van frames. He was replacing a proximity switch for a hydraulic cylinder powering a rail transfer shuttle. After releasing hydraulic pressure and removing a bolt on the cylinder, the transfer table dropped, crushing Brother Curcio to death. The equipment was not equipped with adequate blocks to prevent motion. Kentucky OSHA issued initial citations for improper lockout procedures, failure to perform periodic inspections of equipment to ensure adequate energy control lock-out procedures, failure to retrain employees after changes were made to energy control procedures.



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