April 29, 2021
UAW Region 8 Western States

Public Event Commemorating Workers Memorial 2021

Workers being safe and being able to go home to their families after a day’s work is something all our members should be able to count on.  UAW Region 8 is proud to be able to sustain strong Health and Safety agreements that continue keeping our membership and our families from suffering physical harm but also with the assurance that our Union stands strong to protect them. 

With that in mind, UAW Region 8 membership units held several activities to commemorate Workers Memorial 2021 to remind and honor members we lost to injuries, or as a result of the ongoing crisis of Covid-19.  Those activities challenged and reminded all participants that our safety is one of the most important aspects we should continue to guard and fight for when companies try to cut corners to increase their profits and that one corner cut will not only damage our members, but a whole system that has been tirelessly fought for to protect not just our members but all working families.

UAW Region 8 Western States Locals also took part in public events and joined other Unions and the AFL CIO by inviting public elected officials to join our Workers Memorial in which they recognized labor in the continuing fight against companies that care more about large numbers and profits than the safety of their workers.  During a public Workers Memorial event in San Bernardino county California, UAW labor endorsed public officials reinforced the message that safety in the workplace is not only a Union concern, that it is a general public concern that all workers and communities should demand.

UAW Region 8 Western States Locals Coast to Coast V-CAP T-Shirts Attending Workers Memorial 2021

Region 8 Western States attending Public Workers Memorial Event       




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