May 11, 2021

UAW Region 8 Western States Supporting UNION Essential Workers!


Supermarkets have made billions during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Essential workers who in many cases put their lives on the line helped them be successful. At times when chain supermarkets such as Kroger’s did not offer basic personal protective supplies to keep essential workers safe from Covid-19 exposure forcing longer hours and stressful additional shifts to their workers, it is time that these companies provide better wages and fair contracts to the people that helped them keep the doors open and their profits grow by the billions.  It has been our neighborhood grocery workers who have been there to help us and the public to put food on our tables. It is only fair that billionaire supermarkets treat them right!


Rallies continue to be organized and joined to let the public know that essential workers made sacrifices most of us will never have to make to keep our daily lives moving and our economy from collapsing.


UAW Region 8 Western States supports and continues to join essential workers in supermarkets, agriculture and other services in the fight to rightful gains in wages and good working contracts just as they did during the GM 2019 U.S. wide strike UAW called against GM.  Together Coast to Coast.


May 2021-Region 8 Western States joined UFCW Locals in California in the fight to gain respect and attention to the unfairness some supermarket chains have exercised during the present Covid-19 crisis.


   UAW Region 8 Western States join UFCW and other Unions to support Essential workers in California.





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