Family Time Flexibility Act Pulled Due To Lack Of Votes
From: Jim Rogers & Roy Thomas, CAP Representatives

The “Family Time Flexibility Act” H.R. 1119 was pulled by GOP leaders on June 05, 2003 after admitting they didn’t have the votes to get it passed. This bill was very misleading to the American public and contained many mistruths. Thanks to grass roots lobbying efforts by labor, there were simply not enough votes available to pass it. Click here to learn more about this poison pill.

Based on all of the information gathered by the labor movement just before the Comp Time bill was pulled, it appears that all but six Democrats were committed to vote against this legislation. Four Democrats were wrong (i.e. for the bill): Stenholm (Tex.), Taylor (Miss.), Dooley (Calif.) and R. Hall (Tex.). In addition, Tanner (Tenn.) was leaning wrong, and Boyd (Fla.) was noncommittal.

On the other side of the aisle, 29 Republicans were firmly committed to vote against the Comp Time bill: T. Murphy (Pa.); C. Smith (N.J.); Sweeney (N.Y.); King (N.Y.); Weller (Ill.); Boehlert (N.Y.); Shimkus (Ill.); Ney (Ohio); English (Pa.) Kelly (N.Y.); Walsh (N.Y.); LaTourette (Ohio); Shays (Conn.); Capito (W.Va.); Simmons (Conn.); M. Diaz-Balart (Fla.); C. Miller (Mich.); Saxton (N.J.); D. Young (Ak.); T. Johnson (Ill.); Wamp (Tenn.); McHugh (N.Y.); LoBiondo (N.J.); Quinn (N.Y.); Ferguson (N.J.); Gerlach (Pa.); Renzi (Ariz.); Ryan (Wisc.); LaHood (Ill.).

Five more Republicans were leaning towards voting against the bill: Bachus (Ala.); L. Diaz-Balart (Fla.); Porter (Nev.); Green (Wisc.); and C. Weldon (Pa.).

Three Republicans were undecided: McCotter (Mich.); Aderholt (Ala.); and Graves (Mo.). All the rest of the Republicans were wrong or leaning wrong.

It is important that UAW members thank those Representatives who stood with us on this priority issue (and also remember those were against us).







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