On August 13, 2003, UAW President Ron Gettelfinger announced the UAW had reached a partnership agreement with Dana Corporation.

As a result of the new partnership, UAW Region 8 and UAW National Organizing targeted two (2) Dana facilities in Virginia.

Bristol, Virginia’s Dana plant was a plant site where the UAW had suffered a close defeat in July, 2002. This campaign resulted in numerous ULP’s and objections to the election filed with the NLRB. The latest organizing drive was successful on September 2, 2003 and was the result of a card check process recognized between the UAW and Dana under the new partnership agreement.

This process allows union and management to meet jointly with all eligible employees without anti-union campaigns and allows employees to ask questions and receive answers from either the union or management. It stops the hostility and animosity of prolonged union election campaigns and allows employees to choose whether they want a union or not.

Dana in Bristol, Virginia had 251 eligible workers who met with Vice President Bob King and Director Casteel on August 28, 2003. These IEB officers were assisted by Larry Steele, Coordinator; Rick England, Int’l Representative; Eric Chrisley, Temporary Organizer of Local 2069. Other temporary organizers assisting were Brad Pope, Local 2069; Tammy Allen White, Local 1853, Lynn Bazzle, Local 5841 and Georgetta Paulin, Local 5841. Also, UAW Local 1617 out of Morristown, Tennessee provided great support in this effort.

Region 8, UAW extends our welcome to our new brothers and sisters at Dana Corporation in Bristol. Congratulations!

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