Thunder Rolls at Courthouse

Sunday August 10th the Sunday silence in downtown Columbia was broken by the growl of roaring motorcycles as Rolling Thunder and UAW Members from Locals 1577 and 1853 filled the area surrounding the Maury County Courthouse. The noise soon silenced as members of the three groups joined together in prayer, to pledge allegiance to the flag and to lower and raise the courthouse flag in honor of veterans who have fallen in service of their country.

The flag ceremony was the final event of a three-day fundraiser sponsored by UAW Local 1577 to raise money for "Operation Stand-down" and the homeless and disabled veterans of middle Tennessee. With the help of UAW Local 1853, UAW Local 1577 was able to raise over $2,600.00 for Operation Stand-Down by selling Hamburgers and Hot Dogs along Kedron Road in Spring Hill Tennessee. UAW Local 1577 President Ken Austin, stated: "I want to thank the Members of Local 1577 who initiated this fundraiser and who stood out in the summer heat to cook for others. I want to thank our community who assisted us and Rolling Thunder who worked closely with us to make this a successful endeavor.

Finally, I want to thank our Brothers and Sisters at Local 1853 who supported us in so many ways, I was overwhelmed by their charity, Solidarity and Brotherhood." Rolling Thunder is a group of Veterans who ride Motorcycles and work to support veteran's causes.

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