Where Are The Jobs President Bush?

You and tens of thousands of activists like you have been fighting for good jobs and speaking out to protect workers' right to overtime pay--and it is making a difference. Now we need you to make a difference for the millions of workers who are out of work because President Bush has failed to keep his promise to create new jobs--a broken promise that's now growing by seven jobs every minute. Right now, Congress is considering whether or not to fund emergency unemployment benefits for some of the more than 11 million jobless workers in America.

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Just like overtime paychecks, millions of families depend on these meager but important benefits to help with rent and mortgages, utility bills, food, health care and other essentials.

The plight of jobless workers is a national crisis that President Bush and his congressional allies are treating as an afterthought. Nearly 11 million unemployed workers want jobs but can't find them. That's not surprising, considering there are only 3 million new job openings, according to the most recent government report. The average job hunt for an unemployed worker lasts more than five months.

If President Bush and his congressional allies fail to act, more than 80,000 workers will lose unemployment benefits every week.
They'll join the nearly 1.4 million jobless workers who have been unemployed so long they already have run out of all available federal and state unemployment benefits. Please take action to help today by clicking on the link below.

New reports by the AFL-CIO detail how many people right in your state are about to lose their unemployment benefits, as well as critical facts about joblessness, health insurance coverage, poverty and more. Take one minute to dig into this important examination of your state's economy and how it is affecting working families.

Don't forget. The more people who are part of this network the bigger impact we can make. Our challenge to you: Please invite 10 of your friends, family or co-workers to take action. Just click on the link below or forward this e-mail.


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