On January 16-17, 2003, UAW Region 8, with great assistance from International Vice President Nate Gooden and his staff, held successful negotiated card checks at two Freightliner plants. One was the Freightliner Cleveland, North Carolina TMP Truck Manufacturing Plant which has some 2400 employees and simultaneously the Freightliner Gastonia, North Carolina parts plant which employs approximately 700 employees.

These card check drives were only successful because of the hard work and dedication of Vice Presidents Nate Gooden and Bob King and Director Gary Casteel along with the countless hours of preparation by UAW Region 8 organizers and temporary organizers.
Also in an unprecedented move by Director Casteel, he, along with eight servicing staff the Assistant Director Donny Bevis helped in this great effort.

Director Casteel, International Vice President Gooden and International Vice President Bob King each made remarks to each group of employees at each facility to explain howour union, the UAW, works and the benefits of belonging to the UAW. Also company corporate officials were present and spoke to the same employee groups regarding their commitment to a stance of neutrality.

The Cleveland Truck Manufacturing Plant had majority status at the conclusion of the last plant meeting. With the obstacles of snow, sleet, frigid temperatures, and temporary layoffs we did achieve majority status at the Gastonia Parts Manufacturing Plant by Sunday, January 19, 2003.

Prior to the plant meetings red UAW shirts were passed out to supporters coming into the plants and I'm proud to say it was a pleasure to see a sea of red during these meetings.

National Organizing and Region 8, through the great assistance of International Vice President Nate Gooden has arranged card checks at four other Freightliner facilities, with the next two to the targeted being High Point, North Carolina and Gaffney, South Carolina.

We have already begun laying the ground work for this next effort and with the great outpouring of assistance from the local unions for loaning us temporary organizers, I'm sure these will be great success stories too!







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