Report From Delaware State CAP General Board Meeting

On December 19, 2003, the Delaware State CAP General Board Meeting was a day to remember. The room was lit by TV cameras filming a history-making event of Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman speaking to the UAW delegates in attendance. Beside Senator Lieberman, both the Democratic and Republican representatives were under the same roof to attend our meeting. The Chairman of Delaware Democratic Party along with the Chairman of Delaware Republican Party was sitting side by side. Both spoke on their commitment to work with the UAW and organized labor in Delaware. Republicans, Speaker of the House of the State of Delaware, Terry Spense, State Representatives Bill Oberle and Vince Lofink, all spoke on their past and continued support to labor. Delaware State CAP President, Bill Wasik thanked both Representatives Bill Oberle and Vince Lofink on their support in defeating the Right to Work Legislation.

Other speakers were Republican Congressman Mike Castle who spoke on having dialogue with the UAW and he wants to continue with the communication. And Democratic Senator Tom Carper spoke on his working relationship with the UAW and explained briefly why he voted on the Prescription Drug Legislation and was encouraged to hear our views and concerns on this and any legislation that affects us.

Lt. Governor John Carney, who supports labor and attends many labor functions in Delaware, was there to support Joe Lieberman. The Lt. Governor had announced the day before that he was endorsing Senator Joe Lieberman for President. At the meeting, on national TV, State Representatiove Melanie George also endorsed Senator Lieberman. This was an exciting opportunity for all to witness. Especially for Senator Lieberman who received two endorsements from Delaware.

Also attending this special event were our very own UAW members who are in political office. International Rep John Washington was just elected Mayor of Penns Grove, New Jersey and Michael Kozikowski, Recorder of Deeds of New Castle County, Delaware. Both are from UAW Local 435, Wilmington, Delaware.

Needless to say, this was an exciting event for all and a day to remember for many years to come. It made history!

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