Local 1853 Women’s Expo Wow’s Community

Women from across the State flocked to the Local 1853 Union Hall, Saturday March 12th to participate in
one of the most exciting women’s events ever staged in middle Tennessee. “I would have never believed that so many women would attend this expo,” one of the vendors selling beauty products claimed. The volume of foot traffic throughout the Union Hall forced some vendors to pack up early having sold all that they could and having a great time doing it. It was a day that brought women from across our community into the Union Hall and left them with a positive image of UAW Local 1853. It was a day where the Women’s Committee shined like a beacon across middle Tennessee drawing women to the light. The First Annual Women’s Expo was a public relations success and a statement to the community that UAW Local 1853 cares about women and women’s issues.

The day began with hundreds of women milling from booth to, purchasing a number of products, viewing the displays and participating in the events. Many women received massages, had their blood pressure checked, learned about cutting edge products and processes like “Bio-Imaging” and educated themselves as to what that their health insurance would and would not cover.

Shortly after the doors opened, “Lisa’s on the Square” held a fashion show that thrilled and excited the attendees. “Wow they’re using real women as models,” said COSTCO Marketing Representative Janet Guess. “I hate it when they use those anorexic looking Twiggy look-a-likes, nobody can wear their clothes and look good. It’s good to see real women modeling real clothes!” Approximately thirty models of all shapes, sizes and ages bopped and boogied across the Union Hall stage that doubled as a make-shift Runway. Strutting and sashaying down the runway in a white floral print summer coat was UAW local 1853’s own Sandra Beasley who lent her modeling talents to the show.

In other demonstrations, dancers from the National Dance Club amazed the crowd with exhibitions of Tango; Rumba, Salsa Dancing, the Fox-trot, Waltz and other dances. In the Multi-purpose Room Columbia Tae Kwon Do presented an exhibit of women’s self defense techniques teaching women to be aware of their surroundings, how not to be a victim or a target and when and how to respond to attacks. Live for Life’s Brandy Moore gave palliates demonstrations showing attendees how to build strength in their core muscles and relaxation techniques.

“It could not have gone better!” Stated Women’s Expo, Event Coordinator, Vicki Hale. “We had so many people pull together and help us make The First Annual Women’s Expo a huge success. I would like to nominate Pink, “Floyd” Crandall and Lenny Canter as honorary Women’s Committee Members for all the hard work they did and coming to our rescue when we needed them. I was also happy to see so many of our Team Members as vendors at the Women’s Expo,” Vicki continued. It’s twice as nice when you can help your community and your Team Mates at the same time.”

Plans are being made for the Second Annual Women’s Expo and if the LU 1853 Women’s Committee continues on their successful path, the Women’s Expo will grow beyond belief and in a few short years eclipse the “Southern Women’s Show” as the premier Women’s event in the South. Congratulations to all Members of the Women’s Committee for your outstanding success.

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