2003 WV State CAP Labor Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations are in order to the winners of the 2003 WV State CAP Council Essay Contest that was recently concluded. This yearly contest which is sponsored by the WV State CAP Council and Region 8, Gary Casteel Director provides an excellent opportunity for high school students to offset the high costs of higher education and at the same time learn more about the labor movement. Those receiving awards are:

Lauren Hunley, from Martinsburg High School, Martinsburg WV.

Jessica Bowman, Hedgesville, High School, Hedgesville, WV.

Emily Lloyd, Hedgesville High School. Emily will be attending New York University, New York, NY in the fall.

Bethany Webber, Musselman High School, Inwood, WV. Bethany will be attending Concord College, Athens, WV.

We thank every student who entered the contest and wish them success in their college careers.







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