Local 1853 Members Assist in Charley’s Aftermath
By Jack Cobb

Yesterday, August 18, UAW Local 1853 Members Al Dudzinski; Keith Ebert, Linda Fish and Terry Hutt answered the call to help and left for Florida in response to the disaster relief call of the American Red
Cross to aid and assist the victims of Hurricane Charley. The group are Members of the UAW Local 1853 Disaster Relief Committee, a partnership between UAW Local 1853 and GM/Saturn to provide trained responders to help the American Red Cross when disaster strikes. The group first flew to Tampa Bay and will be dispersed to locations where their areas of expertise are needed. They will be assisting in aid and disaster relief for up to three weeks.

The LU 1853 Members will be assisting in cleaning up the aftermath of Hurricane Charley, which caused damage in a wide area of Central Florida, ripped apart thousands of mobile homes and damaged tens of
thousands of buildings after it hit the southwest Florida coast. More than 2,000 people are still in shelters, according to Florida emergency officials and many more have sought refuge with relatives, friends or
in hotels. Currently, some 890,000 people in the state were without power.

“I hope that all Members of Local 1853 will join me in prayer for Members Al Dudzinski; Keith Ebert, Linda Fish and Terry Hutt as they go to Florida to help others to rebuild their lives in the face of the
devastation that they have suffered.” Stated LU 1853 President Rick Martinez. “Let them return to us safe, sound and soon, with the knowledge that all of their UAW Sisters and Brothers are proud of the
hard work and sacrifice that they have endured.”






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