Local 1853 and Habitat for Humanity Build Kathy's House

A house stands at 3326 Moreland St. where a month ago an over grown lot gathered weeds and trash, it is now an impossible dream come true. On October 25th and 26th a group of Saturn Team Members of Local 1853, joined with other volunteers to make an affordable dream house for Kathy Bledsoe, a woman who suffers with autism and other disabilities.

Kathy's house was built as a Habitat for Humanity project sponsored by the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee. Scott Magner, whose son Steven was born with Down syndrome, put out the call for volunteers and Saturn Team Members responded. "I am always touched by the people who volunteer their time and give the gift of kindness and hard work to others, Scott told the UAW News. "Some even took vacation days to help us, but this was no vacation, they worked hard and had fun doing it."

Kathy's House was built in the Rainwood Subdivision, an area of North Nashville set in place to bring affordable, safe housing to people with disabilities

Working on Kathy's house were the following Saturn Team Members, families and friends. The Tift Family, Jay, Linda and Jason. The Magner Family, Scott, Lynn, Lauren and Steven. Camilo Molina; Arturo Duncan, Joan Heizer, Pat Noiboonturm, Jonathan Gruce, Jonathan Corly, Candieario Lopez, Elena Lopez, Jim Balek, Brenda Brown, Mary Gilliam, Dennis Gotham, Donald Burham, Jeremy Tull, Jim Kubiak, and Sarah Clark







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