Fight To Block Bush Overtime Take-Away Goes Extra Innings

The fight to block President Bush's overtime pay take-away is going into extra innings. A select group of senators and representatives is meeting behind closed doors to hammer out differences between the U.S. Senate and House versions of legislation that includes a measure to protect overtime pay.

But President Bush is so determined that he is still threatening to veto the legislation if it blocks his overtime pay cut-when he really should be withdrawing his take-away. Since you have already sent a protest note to the White House, please take one minute to spread the word about this issue to your friends, family and co-workers. They can take action by clicking on the link below. We'll continue to keep you posted on developments in the fight to protect overtime pay. <>

President Bush's attack on overtime pay is just one way the administration is driving America's job crisis home. Instead of giving employers an incentive to create jobs, President Bush's proposed overtime pay cut will make it easier for employers to force workers to work longer hours for less pay. Why hire more people?

At the AFL-CIO, we're deeply concerned about America's growing jobs crisis--and the refusal of the administration and congressional allies to address it. In the coming weeks and months, we'll be asking you to get involved in the fight for good jobs.

Get ready. Here are some things you should know:


+ Since President Bush took office, we have lost a stunning 3.2 million private-sector jobs. The nation is experiencing the worst job-loss crisis since the Great Depression.

+ President Bush has failed to keep his promise to create new jobs. His economic team promised 1.5 million new jobs as part of his millionaire tax cut scheme. He is falling short of job promises by 7 jobs every minute.

+ Nearly 11 million unemployed workers want jobs but can't find them. Not surprising considering there were only 3 million new job openings in the most recent report. There simply aren't enough jobs for the unemployed.

+ The quality of jobs has gotten worse. The number of people without health insurance grew to 44 million recently. Pension coverage is down. Job security is worse.

+ Millions of jobs are being exported or outsourced because of unfair trade deals, including hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs as well as white-collar jobs.

Together, we're going to fight for a fundamental CHANGE IN AMERICA that improves job quality and security for all and puts jobless people back to work.

Look for future e-mail action alerts when your voice is needed on important jobs issues such as overtime pay, job creation, outsourcing, trade, help for the unemployed and more.

Tell President Bush: Withdraw your overtime pay take-away. <>







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