Region 8 Members Elected To AFL-CIO Positions

Three UAW Region 8 members were recently elected to State Positions within labor. UAW Local 1413 Recording Secretary Cindy Adams was elected President of the AFL-CIO North Alabama Labor Council. UAW Local 1413 is located in Huntsville, Alabama and represents members who work for Daimler Chrysler. She will be sworn in to office in early December and will serve a one year term.

Willie Monroe, President Local 10, Doraville GA was recently elected Executive Vice President of the Georgia State AFL-CIO. UAW Local 10 is located in Doraville, Georgia. Local 10 members are employed by General Motors at their Doraville Assembly Operation just outside of Atlanta.

Samuel Lathem, who administers a worker training center in Newark run by the United Auto Workers, was elected Delaware AFL-CIO President. He is the first African American to hold the office. Recently he stated that his main goal will be to expand union membership in general and to convince more local unions to become part of the AFL-CIO organization.

Congratulations to Cindy Adams, Samuel Lathem and Willie Monroe on their new positions within their state AFL-CIO.







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