In an ongoing effort to inform the membership on worker related issues coming from the Bush administration, the regional website will maintain and update a section on these issues monthly. This effort is being made to keep UAW members informed of how important it is to elect candidates who will be understanding, considerate, and friendly to America's working class of people.

Bush Administration's Record on Labor Issues

· Appoints Postal Service Privatization Commission
· Proposes repeal of family-friendly unemployment benefits rule
· Revives cash bonuses for political appointees
· Shuts workers, unions out of most safety studies
· Allowed jobless workers to lose unemployment benefits
· Announced plans to privatize federal workforce
· Asked Fire Fighters member to resign from valor commission because of union affiliation
· Uses Taft-Hartley to intervene in West Coast dock lockout
· Ducks hearings on Social Security privatization
· Opposes funds for firefighters
· Sides with drug companies against seniors
· Reneges on steel tariffs
· Will block funds to monitor health of World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers and money for firefighters
· Considers troops to keep ports open in West Coast docks lockout or strike
· Nominated corporate-friendly, anti-workers Texas judge to federal bench
· Seeks to strip civil service and collective bargaining from federal workers in proposed Homeland Security Department
· Opens the door to privatization of the nation's air traffic control system
· White House refuses to say if federal workers transferred to new Homeland Security Department will be able to maintain their collective bargaining rights
· Pursued back settlements for poultry workers
· Ignores civil rights commission vote; appoints staunch conservative to panel
· Proposed student loan rule change that could have cost students $1.3 billion
· Offered toothless, voluntary ergonomic guidelines
· Proposed paying subminimum wage to "workfare" workers
· Imposed steel tariffs that give hope to steel industry, but fall short of need
· Offered a welfare reform plan that penalizes the poor, ignores immigrants and is underfunded
· Pushes for taxpayer dollars to private schools
· Proposes to dismantle the federal/state unemployment system
· Proposed a budget that raids the Social Security Trust Fund to help pay for tax cuts for the rich
· Seeks to slash job training and help for workers who lose their jobs
· Proposes eliminating 83 full-time safety and health jobs at OSHA and cutting $9 million from safety programs
· Threatens 380,000 jobs with infrastructure funding cuts in proposed budget
· Proposes health care and prescription drug funding far short of real needs
· Bypassed Congress to appoint labor solicitor opposed to worker safety measures
· Fired all members of key federal workers' dispute resolution panel
· Revoked union representation for hundreds of workers in five Department of Justice divisions
· Refused to accept court ruling overturning anti-worker executive order





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