January 25, 2023

Day Two of the UAW Region 8 Leadership Conference

On the second day of our Region 8 Leadership Conference, delegates participated in Red Shirt Wednesday in great showing of Solidarity. All across the country, union members wear red shirts on Wednesdays as a sign of solidarity.  When a sea of red shirts greet management, it's a way to let them know that the workers stand together. The modern tradition dates back to 1989 with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) whose members wear red on Thursdays.

After lunch, delegates went to General Motors Arlington Assembly, Local 276.  A special thank you to UAW Local 276 President Michael Cartwright, UAW Local 276 Shop Chairperson Kenny Hines, also the elected and appointed representatives that hosted our delegates for the plant tour.  It was a pleasure to see our hard working UAW sisters and brothers that produce multiple vehicles at General Motors. Local 276 is the Home of the Cadillac Escalade and several other full size SUV’s.  








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