These Hands Video By The UAW

In a new video, five non-union autoworkers speak to the historic moment in America’s auto industry. Featuring workers at Hyundai, Mercedes, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Rivian, “These Hands” captures the inspiration behind the non-union autoworkers’ movement to join the UAW by the tens of thousands.

“When the Big Three auto companies refused to share their record profits, autoworkers got organized. For over 40 days and nights, autoworkers at Ford, GM, and Stellantis held the line, and won big,” the autoworkers narrate.

“There’s only one question facing America’s autoworkers now,” says Toyota worker Jeff Allen: “Who’s Got Next?”

The workers in the video call on non-union autoworkers to sign union authorization cards at and build the movement to organize all 150,000 non-union autoworkers at 13 companies.

“These Hands” is available on YouTube and all UAW social media, and the press is invited to use the footage.








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