March 5, 2023 

Wednesday, March 8, 2023 - International Women's Day of Action

  1. We are asking that all members wear purple to show support for International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 8th.
  2. We are asking that all members sign the Petition to affirm the Equal Rights Amendment, as currently the only constitutional right women have is the right to vote.
    1. Background: In order to add the Equal Rights Amendment, also known as the 19th Amendment it had to be adopted by 38 states, this has finally been realized after over 100 years.

                  i.      Now we are looking to ask Congress to move on eliminating the time frame that was placed on this, and to affirm the amendment. We have been working closely with the ERA Coalition, the AFL-CIO and we have the support of the Legislative Department on this issue.

    1. The link to sign the petition is: https://www.eracoalition.org/take-action/sign-on-to-the-resolution-to-affirm-the-validity-of-the-era
    2. Here is some verbiage for e-mail or social media if it helps: “On March 8, 2023 we are asking all members to stand in Solidarity for International Women’s Day by wearing Purple and collectively petitioning Congress to affirm the Equal Rights Amendment, as the only right women have per the constitution is the right to vote. Sign the Petition today: https://bit.ly/UAWERA2023





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