August 16, 2023

Region 8 Launches “Region 8 Voices” Project

Our members are what makes this union great. Here in Region 8 we are initiating a new project that gives members an opportunity to tell their union story. Region 8 Voices gives members 60 seconds to talk about their union experience. We have a number of videos that will be released over the next few months. If you would like to submit one of your own, email a 60 second or less video to UAW Region 8 Assistant Director George Palmer at Below you will find topics for videos. Please shoot videos in horizontal format.

Local 2409 Member Ethan Kirby
Local 862 Member Tina Jenkins
Local 862 Member Stephanie “Bubbles” Collins
Local 862 Member Penny Rowe
Local 862 Member Joseph Williams
Local 2926 Member Austin Arington
Local 862 Member Vanda Moore
Local 862 Member Telicia Wilson
Local 3036 Delisa Sanders
Local 2195 Member Ken Garner
Local 862 Member Rodney Janes
Local 599 Member Ray Davis
Local 3036 Member Renesha Hughes
Local 862 Member Timmy Janes
Local 400 Member Twilla Parker
Local 2195 Member Lue Adams
Local 1407 Member Lisa Lane
Local 862 Member Juan Terry
Local 1407 Member Sedric Savage
Local 1183 Member Mack McDonaugh
Local 862 Member Johnny Cordova
Local 3064 Member Jenny Gripshover
Local 1407 Member Bailey Bowman
Local 171 Member Chris Keefer
Local 1407 Member Allon Carr
Local 862 Member Nicolas Dean
Local 3064 Member Alisha Partain
Local 3058 Member Keith Brown
Local 862 Member Todd Dunn
Local 276 Member Jimmy Mack
Local 862 Member David Firkins
Local 276 Member Juan Martinez
Local 276 Members JaNaye Haynes-and-Shiesha-Smith
Local 3064 Member Beverly Fryman
Local 2406 Member Bryan Brazell
Local 1853 Member Dave Mettetal
Local 862 Member Edith Wright

“Region 8 Voices”

  • How did becoming a union member change your perspective on life?
  • When did you become a union member?
  • Does political action impact your working life?
  • How has being an elected local union official changed the way you view organized labor?
  • What do you know about legendary UAW President Walter Reuther?
  • How has being a UAW member changed your views on social justice?
  • With major contracts coming up this fall, what are your personal goals for this round of bargaining?
  • How has working under a UAW contract improved your family’s life?
  • Does your family have a history of being union members?
  • What would you tell your younger self about being a union member?
  • What can the average member do to assist in organizing?
  • Have you been to the Walter and May Reuther Family Education Center? If so, describe your experience.
  • How does being a UAW Region 8 members impact your life?
  • As a retiree how has the UAW continued to support you in your retirement?




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