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Fall - Winter 2006
Richard Berman and – The Ultimate Corporate Mercenary
Smithfield Returns To Bad Old Days With Treatment of Workers

Region 8 Veterans Committee’s Rumble Heard In Washington
U.S. Labor Department Has Anti-Union Pen Pals
Extension of Tax Cuts Gives To The Rich
2006 UAW CAP Conference
February 5-8, 2006

2006 Senate Votes On Key UAW Issues
Election 2006
Whatever Happen to Family Values?

Thomas Built Bus Host First
2006 Legislative Issues
2006 Voting Records
NC/SC Civil Rights Council Meeting
UAW Local 3520 Hold Annual "Rolling Thunder Ride for Pride"
Winners in Florida and Southern Pennsylvania State CAP Essay Contest
2006 Alabama State CAP Essay Winners
Issue TV
UAW Local 2069 Veterans Committee’s
Ride for Freedom/Run for the Wall

Labor's Troubadour Joe Glazer Dead at 88
Region 8 Veterans Charge Forward and
Begin Sponsorship with the Wounded Warrior Project

Democrats Seize Control of House & Senate
UAW-Delphi Redneck Disaster Relief Dream Team Helps Meridian Residents Through Nightmare
Spring-Summer 2006
Remembering Veterans This Veteran's Day
UAW Region 8 Joins SOA Vigil
The School of the Americas Vigil: One Member's Perspective
Dirty Little Secrets - Dirty Little Lies - The School of the Americas
Informational Picket Clears
Muddy Waters At Delphi

UAW members ratify first
contract at Thomas Built Bus

The Ballad of Delphi CEO Steve Miller
The Fox In The Spin House
The Delphi Dilemma
Remembering Dr. King
12 Miners Found Dead In Mine Explosion
Restoring the Rule of Law
Remarks by Al Gore

Flag Raising At UAW Local 5287
North Carolina/ South Carolina

UAW Region 8 Alabama-Mississippi Area Women’s Council Essay Winners
Anti-Union Group Can’t Handle The Truth:
Workers Want Representation

GM Powertrain Transmission-Baltimore
Toys for Tots Campaign
Winter 2005
Link to Website Concerning VFW National Home for Children Sponsored By UAW Veterans Department
Gettelfinger: Hurricane shows the growing social, economic inequality in America
Labor Department fails to help those hurt by poor trade deals
Keep Tariff on Pickups, UAW Says
Region 8 Answers Call To Assist VFW National Home for Children
UAW West Virginia Community Action Program (CAP)
Endorses Senator Robert C.Byrd

Local 2195 Fish Fry Features Alabama Lieutenant Governor Lucy Baxley and UAW Region 8 Assistant Director Donny Bevis
Help Needed With Veteran's Funding
Close the SOA!
Close the SOA: Call to action.
United Auto Workers Call for Closure of SOA/WHISC

Tenn Rep. Davis Introduces Bill To Reinstate Davis-Bacon Act

Your activism is restoring decent pay for Gulf Coast workers!

Opportunity Knocks
June 28, 2005

Giving Thanks
Freightliner Workers Vote for UAW in Duluth, Georgia
Operation Standdown
Senate CAFE Votes
2005 UAW Alabama-Mississippi Area Women’s Council Essay Winners
CAFTA Letter
Republicans Introduce Dangerous Pension Bill
Senate Rejects Kennedy Minimum Wage Increase and Enzi FLSA Takeaways Amendments
OK'ing trade agreement would be disaster for jobs, workers' rights
North Carolina/ South Carolina AFL-CIO and CAP Officers
Thomas Built Buses Workers Choose the UAW
Region 8 Honors At Annual LUPA Awards
Region 8 Website Named UAW Best Overall

Worker Memorial Day 2005
Region 8 Locals Continue Their Efforts To Support Hurricane Katrina Victims
Thomas Built Bus Workers Vote for UAW
Labor Day: The Day of the American Worker
Thank You From Ronnie Carver On Behalf of the family of SPC. Mathew Gibbs

CAFTA: A Tale of Two Horses
UAW Helps Life's WORC
Labor Day 2005: A time for solidarity, a time for action
Republicans Waging Successful War On Labor Unions
Wal-Mart- Rolling Back the Standard Of Living
Williamson Inducted into 2005 Labor Hall of Fame
UAW Endorses John Sweeney For AFL-CIO President
Bevis Challenges UAW Members to Hold the Line on Health-care and Social Security
House Passes CAFTA
Labor Department fails to help those hurt by poor trade deals





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